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Governor’s Mansion’s Ghost

Written by Janis Dulaney Russell.

A suicide in Austin spawned the Governor’s Mansion’s most famous ghost story. It happened during the Civil War, when a nephew and a niece (not brother and sister to each other) visited Governor Pendleton Murrah and his wife in the Mansion. Legend has it that the young woman encouraged the young fellow’s attentions, and he fell hopelessly in love with her. But when he proposed marriage one day, she laughingly scorned his offer.

Late the same night, he shot himself, choosing to die rather than live without his lady love. The household awoke to find the young man’s body sprawled across the bed in a small upstairs bedroom and the wall splattered with blood.

After that, servants in the Mansion avoided the bedroom, particularly on Sunday afternoons, when the young man’s ghost appeared. To this day, moaning sounds occasionally issue from the room late at night, and ghostly footsteps sometimes echo along the old halls.

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