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Living History Weekend

One of the largest events of its kind in Texas. Visitors can walk through narrated WWI and WWII living history displays, including WWI Allied and Central Power camps, Camp Lili (American Signal Corps Unit), WWII US Infantry and Airborne Paratroopers camps, as well as WWII German Infantry Camps. Military history buffs will want to see the award-winning display of operational military vehicles and artillery. With a vast collection spanning from WWI to the Vietnam era featuring the only operational WWI French Renault tank in North American, Stuart, a Chaffee, M4A1 and M4A3 Shermans, M18 Tank Destroyers, and a variety of WWII Jeeps, trucks, Command and Scout Cars, and Half Tracks. Both days there will be demonstration of historic small arms weapons used by both the allied and axis forces in WWI and WWII. The weekend's most spectacular events will be a WWI and a WWII battle re-enactment. The Museum of the American G.I. is one of the few places in the nation where visitors and living historians can experience the heart pounding spectacle of infantry forces maneuvering for position in simulated battle, as restored American and enemy tanks charge through opposing lines. Far surpassing computer simulations and digital re-enactments, spectators witness firsthand the drama of World War I and II battles.


March 24-25


Museum of the American G.I. COLLEGE STATION, Texas

More Information:

Phone: 979-690-0501


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