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30 SausageSpoetzl Brewery, founded in 1909 and now the fourth-largest craft brewery in the United States, has made quite a name for the Central Texas town of Shiner.

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In Texas, the mere mention of the word “Shiner” immediately brings to mind thoughts of a cold longneck and the distinctive brew within. However, before the beer, there was the town, which I set out to explore, beyond the bottle.

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Brock Wagner, owner of the Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, stands in the steel basket of a hydraulic boom lift flanked by a row of stainless-steel fermentation tanks, each named for a patron saint of brewers. Like a preacher at his pulpit, Wagner proselytizes on the virtues of Saint Arnold beer to a few hundred fervent believers gathered on the concrete floor below him. “Life is too short to drink bad beer,” he says. “You only have one liver. Use it wisely.”

Published in FOOD & DRINK
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