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Lydia Starr McPherson, Journalist

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Lydia Starr McPherson (1826-1903), one of the first three women to join the Texas Press Association, was an anomaly: a woman in the man’s world of newspaper publishing. At age 48, recently widowed, she moved with her children to Caddo, Indian Territory, from Iowa, and began writing for the Oklahoma Star. She married the Star’s editor, Granville McPherson, in 1874 and soon was virtually running the paper. After her husband left the family and moved to Texas, Lydia and her three printer sons started the Caddo International News, the first Oklahoma newspaper published by a woman.

In 1877, Lydia and her children moved across the Red River to Whitesboro and opened the Whitesboro Democrat—making Lydia the first female newspaper publisher in Texas, too. That paper (now the Whitesboro News-Record,) as well as the Sherman Democrat(now the Herald Democrat), which Lydia joined and turned into a daily in 1881, are still published.

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