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Crossing Wires: Fishing Lines to Ziplines in Athens

Written by Grace Carrier. Photographs by Connie Shultz.

In our September issue, Terri Schexnayder recounted a recent adventure at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas. Writer Grace Carrier has discovered another jewel in the Athens area: the award-winning New York, Texas ZipLine Adventure at Shultz Mountain Ranch.

In the true do-it-yourself Texas spirit, Charles Shultz transformed the highest point in East Texas into a haven for the adventurous. Before opening for business in March of 2008, Shultz transported his family’s 1910 historic home to the top of the hill by crane from Jacksonville, Texas, going on to build state-of-the art zipline courses across the lofty pine trees. The highest zipline is 100 feet above the ground while the longest stretches for over 940 feet. For three consecutive years, the New York, Texas ZipLine Adventure has been named the Best Adventure Tour in Texas by the Official Best Of, a national award program televised on The Discovery Channel and on local networks.

Connie, Charles’ wife, cites the breathtaking panoramic views as a reason for the Tour’s popularity. While touring the property by foot and by zipline, one can see as far as 30 miles into the distance. Sightings of deer, raccoons, foxes, and roadrunners are not uncommon in shorter ranges of vision.

The Shultz family lives on the ranch and values hospitality, offering a variety of options to accommodate the preferences of guests. There is both a long and a short zipline tour, each respectively nine and six ziplines long. To escape the heat and enjoy the sunset, visitors can reserve evening zipline tours. Picnic baskets are welcomed and encouraged.

In the spirit of our July issue—recall the photographs in “Amazing Altitudes”—make an excursion to the New York, Texas ZipLine Adventure for a thrilling ride and a fresh perspective.


7290 County Road 4328, Larue, TX 75770. For more information, visit or call 903-681-3791. Open Thursday through Sunday by reservation only. Ages 5 and up. Evening tours are also available. $60 per person for six ziplines; $80 per person for nine ziplines.

From the August 2014 issue.

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