Find Museum-Quality Art in These 8 Texas Hotels

We’ve rounded up eight hotels across Texas where cultural enlightenment is a bonus amenity, and the hospitality extends beyond spas and room service. Best of all, most of these works are on display for everyone, whether staying the night or popping in for a look around.

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Find the Art

An afternoon at the museum isn’t the only way to check out fine art in Texas. More than simply a place to lay your head, hotels have become unexpected showcases for some of the state’s more creative collections of paintings, sculptures, and other artworks.

Guests checking into The Joule in Dallas, for instance, are greeted by a stunning array of midcentury mosaics rescued from a neighboring building prior to its demolition. In Austin, the Ella is a gallery unto itself, with a regular series of fine-art events to boot. Helpful concierges at these hotels and others like them have practically become museum docents accustomed to fielding questions and sharing the often fascinating stories behind the artworks.

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