Chip piñatas crafted by Favela for the “All You Can Eat” exhibit. Photo by Mikayla Whitmore

Mixed-media artist Justin Favela explores the Latinx experience in the United States through his “All You Can Eat” exhibit, which features huge recreations of Tex-Mex dishes as piñatas. The exhibit is located in the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft from June 1-Aug. 25 and seeks to challenge the conversation over the relationship between Tex-Mex food and its cultural influences, Latinx representation in popular culture, and the relationship between Favela and his Guatemalan, Mexican, and American heritage. With massive versions of popular dishes like chile con carne and nachos supreme, the playful and challenging exhibit covers issues like cultural appropriation. Favela’s work has been featured in museums around the U.S. and abroad.

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