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"So Go the Ghosts of Mexico" Part Three

This play is the centerpiece production of the Whither Goest Thou America Festival. It's the final installment in this three-play cycle exploring the U.S./Mexico drug wars. A young Mexican couple get caught up in the web of the drug trade between the two countries, changing their lives forever. But is their ordeal what it seems or a mirage of disinformation created by unseen forces? Somewhere between truth and illusion, a mother from Mexico searches for her missing daughter. The third part of Matthew Paul Olmos’ daring and poetic trilogy explores the human struggle of the drug wars and the shadowy forces which create the market and distribution system shaping the world on both sides of the border.


April 12-May 5


Undermain Theatre DALLAS, Texas

More Information:

Phone: 214-747-5515


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