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Published monthly by the TxDOT Travel Information Division

Joan Henderson

Andrea Lin


Executive Editor
Emily Roberts Stone

Managing Editor
Wes Ferguson

Senior Editor
Matt Joyce

Events Editor
Jane Kellogg Murray 

Associate Editor
Kimya Kavehkar

Contributing Editors
Heather Brand
Melissa Gaskill
E. Dan Klepper
Clayton Maxwell
June Naylor
Daniel Blue Tyx

Contributing Writers
Michael Corcoran
Paula Disbrowe
Gene Fowler
Pam LeBlanc
John Lumpkin
Mai Pham

Editorial Coordinator
Cindy Newsom

Editorial Interns
Julia Jones
Conor Stratton


Digital Strategies Manager
Peter Obering 


Audience Development Manager
Sabrina Ballesteros

Strategic Partnership Manager
Lois M. Rodriguez

Marketing/Gift Shop Manager
Katy Venable


Governor of Texas
Greg Abbott

Texas Transportation Commission
J. Bruce Bugg Jr., Chairman
Jeff Austin III, Commissioner
Alvin New, Commissioner
Laura Ryan, Commissioner

TxDOT Executive Director
James M. Bass


Subscriptions to Texas Highways are $24.95 annually ($39.95 foreign). Call 800/839-4997. (Call 903/636-1123 outside the U.S.) Copies of current and back issues are available. Call 512/486-5858. For subscription services, call 800/839-4997. To be removed from mailing list sales, write to Texas Highways Marketing, Mailing Lists, Box 141009, Austin, TX 78714-1009.

Texas Highways (ISSN 0040-4349) is published monthly by the Texas Department of Transportation, 150 East Riverside Drive, Austin, Texas 78704; phone 512/486-5858, fax 512/486-5879. The official travel magazine of Texas encourages travel to and within the state and tells the Texas story to readers around the world.

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