Joan Henderson


Editor in Chief
Emily Roberts Stone

Deputy Editor
Mike Hoinski

Managing Editor
Erin Quinn-Kong

Features Editor
Chris Hughes

Senior Editor, Digital
Danielle Lopez

Associate Editor
Julia Jones

Christopher Collins

Web Editor
Sarah Thurmond

Senior Writers
Ian Dille
Joe Nick Patoski

Katie Gutierrez
Lauren Hough


Digital Strategy and Engagement Manager
Natalie Moore

Digital Product Manager
Tyson Bird

Andrea Lin


Creative Director
Mark Mahorsky

Art Director
Sara D’Eugenio

Associate Art Director
Chris Linnen

Photo Editor
Brandon Jakobeit

Photo Production Assistant
Shaina Golay

Contributing Photographers
Kenny Braun
Eric W. Pohl
Melanie Grizzel
Tiffany Hofeldt
Dave Shafer

Production Coordinator
Raquel V. Sanchez

Marketing & Business

Associate Publisher
Sabrina Ballesteros

Strategic Partnership Manager
Lois M. Rodriguez

Ancillary Publications Manager
Julie Stratton

Business Manager
Karen Garza

Ancillary Publications Coordinator
LaKena Cooks

Accounts Receivable
Ana Perez

Warehouse Manager
Oz Lopez

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