Recipe: Texas Trash Pie

July 25, 2023 | By

Texas Trash Pie
Pie Crust
Yields three 10-inch crusts
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
2 cups minus 3 tablespoons shortening, preferably Crisco
5 cups flour
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup caramel bits
1 cup pretzels, crumbled
1 cup graham crackers, crumbled
1 cup coconut
1 stick butter, melted
14 ounce can sweetened
condensed milk
Preheat oven to 350 F.

You Can Thank This Texas Company for Red Velvet Cake

January 27, 2022 | By Heather Brand

The Cheesecakes at Laura’s Bakery Are the Stuff of East Texas Legend

December 23, 2021 | By Paul McDonnold

Where to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Texas

July 19, 2019 | By Meara Isenberg

In Texas, whether it’s National Ice Cream Day or not, scoops reign supreme.

Hebert’s Caboose Ice Cream Shop

November 5, 2018 | By

Hebert’s Caboose Ice Cream Shop has been dishing out scoops of Blue Bell since owners Lonnie & Deanna Hebert bought, refreshed and reopened the shop in 2013. Lonnie & Deanna bought a nearby antique shop and the caboose was included in the deal after it had closed 3 years prior.

Chocolate-Salted Caramel Mousse

October 29, 2013 | By Lois M. Rodriguez

Pillowy chocolate touched by a hint of salted caramel makes for a dreamy taste explosion.  You might want to make a double-batch and be generous with your portions.

Pumpkin Flan

October 29, 2013 | By Lois M. Rodriguez

Pumpkin pie can hold its own (and it’s one of my all-time favorites), but this pumpkin flan is the pie’s more delicate and moist cousin.

Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Tamale on Mexican Cinnamon Cream

June 26, 2008 | By

4 corn husks
4 oz. good quality semi-sweet chocolate
3/4 c. pure crunchy peanut butte (at room temperature)
1/2 c.

Mocha Ice Cream

June 25, 2008 | By

Dallas’ Riviera Restaurant, a European-style kitchen, Chef David Holben

Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson’s Peach Ice Cream

June 25, 2008 | By

Mexican Sugar Cookies

June 25, 2008 | By

2 c. sifted flour
3/4 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 c. soft butter
extra sugar and cinnamon

Sift together first three ingredients.

Mexican Kahlua Pie

June 25, 2008 | By


1 1/4 c. crushed double-filling Oreo cookies
6 T. butter, melted
1/2 c. nuts, finely chopped

Crush cookies, using a food processor. Add melted butter and nuts, and pat into large greased pie pan.

Strawberry Kolaches

April 25, 2008 | By

Strawberries have wonderful versatility in the kitchen. You can include them in cakes, pies, cobblers, and breads, swirl them into frozen desserts, use them as garnish, and slice them into salads.

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