Five Historic Texas Theaters Share Their Strategies for Survival

July 21, 2020 | By Sarah Thurmond

Since mid-March, theaters have been unable to book their usual slate of shows and special events resulting in lost ticket sales and lost revenue. Many theaters were expecting to reopen in June, and even put all of the necessary precautions in place to keep staff and guests safe. Then COVID-19 cases began to spike again in Texas, and reopening wasn’t feasible. Some theaters have postponed their reopenings until August, while others have canceled their seasons entirely.

These 5 Hotels Will Transport You Back to Texas’ Railroading Days

November 30, 2018 | By Matt Joyce

There was a time when going home for the holidays meant taking the train. Whether boarding a steam locomotive or the electric interurban, passengers who could afford a ticket enjoyed unheard-of advantages in speed and comfort over horse-drawn coaches and the earliest automobiles.

How Spanish Ibérico Pork Found Its Way to Texas

April 25, 2018 | By

Texas and Spain have joined forces in an unexpected, four-legged way.
Acornseekers pork is available for purchase online and at restaurants, including Eberly in Austin, Fearings in Dallas, and Bliss in San Antonio.
For the first time since explorer Hernando de Soto did so back in 1539, the finest of Spanish ham, jamón ibérico de bellota, has been imported to the United States in its original form—as a pig.

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