Texas birds

Mating Season Is Underway for Attwater Prairie Chickens. Just Don’t Call Them “Boomers.”

March 29, 2023 | By Pam LeBlanc

In a grassy field near Goliad dotted with cow patties, eight football-size birds waggle their tails, inflate mango-colored pouches on their necks, stamp their feet, and emit a forlorn “woo-woo-woo.”
These male Attwater prairie chickens (also spelled as Attwater’s prairie chicken) hope their flashy “booming” display will impress the hens.

Loud and Invasive, the Monk Parakeet Charmed Its Way Into Texas Almost 50 Years Ago

April 19, 2022 | By John Nova Lomax

If you live along the coast or in any of the big metros of the Texas Triangle, you have seen or at least heard the cries of a monk parakeet.

The June 2024 cover of Texas Highways: Treasures from the Coast

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