texas road trip

The Ten Commandments for Driving on Highways in Texas

September 25, 2020 | By John Nova Lomax

Did you know that in 2007 no less an authority than Pope Benedict XVI handed down a list of Ten Commandments for drivers?

The Ultimate Tommy Lee Jones Texas Road Trip

September 15, 2020 | By John Nova Lomax

Iconic Texan Tommy Lee Jones has had a career in film that traverses the Lone Star State.

7 Texas Road Trips that Are All About the Journey

April 30, 2020 | By

The Journey Abides

December 15, 2015 | By Matt Joyce

US 90 traverses the prickly, sunbaked hills of Southwest Texas, crossing box canyons and dry creek beds as it links the occasional town, Border Patrol checkpoint, and roadside attraction. Though it may appear desolate at first, there’s a rare beauty to this rugged countryside, which has supported human life since the end of the last ice age.

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