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Texas State Travel Guide & Texas Official Travel Map

The Texas State Travel Guide is a free, annual publication that highlights publicly accessible sites in Texas of cultural, historical, and recreational interest and serves as the state’s primary fulfillment publication. More than 500 cities are included along with details on events, state parks, lakes, national parks and forests, wineries, scenic areas, and Texas Travel Information Centers.

The Texas Official Travel Map is designed to show the maximum amount of information relevant to travelers in the most legible manner. Arterial highways and farm/ranch roads leading to arterial highways, communities, and recreational areas are included, as are airports.


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The current edition is available online and is fully searchable at


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Click here to download the 2024 Texas State Travel Guide printed version.


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You can order a free copy of the Texas State Travel Guide and Map through Texas Travel Leads.


For our Travel & Tourism Industry Partners

How can I get my destination/attraction listed in the Guide?

Get started by emailing [email protected].

How do you decide what listings go into the Guide?

Not everyone who wants to be in the Guide gets a listing; we must balance comprehensiveness of coverage with quality, meaning that we must have a certain level of comfort to drive tourists to that destination. Each listing is reviewed to ensure that it:

  • is a cultural, historical, or recreational destination;
  • is regularly accessible to the public;
  • appeals to a broad spectrum of tourists;
  • highlights the assets of the state of Texas, rather than simply being a community amenity that primarily serves a local community or its surrounding residents.

Some destinations may have additional requirements. For example, wineries and breweries must be more than a tasting room and offer something of additional interest to tourists, such as tours.

How do I update my current listing in the Guide?

Email your updates to [email protected]. We also offer the ability for you to make changes directly to your listing online – please contact us for detailed instructions.

When do I need to send my info for the next printed edition of the Guide?

Destination updates are due in late May. Existing listings will receive an email reminder in April soliciting updates. If you miss a deadline, please go ahead and notify us of changes, additions, and deletions.

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