Photo by Brandon Jakobeit

The undercurrent of this month’s river stories is the tenuous stability of our beloved waterways. A combination of factors, including drought, population growth, and water rights issues, threatens the viability of some of the state’s most popular swimming holes and rivers. One expert, in a story about the Narrows on the Blanco River, suggests a simple step we can all take to help turn the tide—introduce a child to a treasured body of water. When more people love our rivers, more people invest in their survival. In kind, I asked staff members to share their favorite rivers.

Tyson Bird, digital strategies manager: One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen was while camping at Guadalupe River State Park. The sky filled with pinks and oranges, reflecting in the glittering water, to close out the last day of 2019. It was the beginning of a memorable year—a week later, I started at Texas Highways.

Christopher Collins, editor-at-large: My favorite river is the Brazos. It’s given me some good times—and some harrowing ones, too. I’ve dragged a canoe over a muddy riverbed in ankle-deep water; I’ve capsized when the river was in a rage. I’ve seen the Brazos rise 10 feet in one night, threatening to sweep away any canoes we were too careless to drag ashore. I’ve also spent time there with friends and shared great stories. Mostly, the Brazos has been good to me.

Brandon Jakobeit, photo editor: I love going to the Big Bend region and venturing to the lesser-visited spots along the Rio Grande, where the river has shaped some of the area’s most majestic canyons. I also think it’s fascinating the way the Rio Grande contributes to the distinctive shape of our state.

Mark Mahorsky, creative director: Staring up at a 100-foot-tall bald cypress along the Frio River can make you feel insignificant in the best way. I relish the beautiful rolling landscape, the colors, the smells, and the cool meandering crystal-clear water. There’s nothing like being at the river and sharing a story, a laugh, and a beer with family and friends.

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Emily Roberts Stone
Editor in Chief

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