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"Sunday in the Park with George"

Stephen Sondheim's Pulitzer Prize-winning musical masterpiece is a living painting by artist Georges Seurat, and centers on the artist as he discovers unimaginable possibilities while creating an enduring work of art. Seurat, known for juxtaposing points of multi-colored paint to allow the viewer's eye to blend the colors, connects the dots that make life so passionate, unexpected, heartbreaking, and ultimately rapturous. The live, onstage orchestra brings the radiant score about the art of making art—and love—soaring to brilliant life with "tension, composition, balance, light, and harmony." The gift of this musical is that the people who are the most different from us may be the persons who illuminate ourselves to ourselves, and hold the key to our heart.


May 30-June 24


ZACH Theatre AUSTIN, Texas

More Information:

Phone: 512-476-0541


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