HAMILTON POOL PRESERVE 917Hamilton Pool Preserve

“The lagoon-like grotto and surrounding cliffs illustrate clearly why Hill Country nature is best at creating idyllic antidotes for the Texas heat. Descend a hidden canyon, follow a cypress-lined creek, and arrive at a shaded, blue-green Eden. Bring your own personal Adam or Eve but be prepared to share the waters with everyone else. And, without a doubt, watch for snakes.” – E. Dan Klepper

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All Wet: Hamilton Pool Preserve – Thousands of years of erosion formed the collapsed lime-stone grotto and canyon into which Hamilton Creek feeds before flowing three-quarters of a mile to the Pedernales River. You won’t likely forget standing on the slippery rock under the pins-and-needles spray of the 45-foot waterfall.

The Big Splash: Texas Swimming HolesIt’s Texas, and it is too darned hot! While the A/C offered in an office building might suffice for some, nothing beats a big splash in one of Texas’ many beautiful swimming holes on a scorching day. We’re sure you’ll find it hard to resist this refreshing respite from the heat, so we offer a list of some of the top swimming holes across the state.

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Reserve the Preserve(Photo by Will van Overbeek)

: Summer season reservations required for popular Hamilton Pool – Hamilton Pool is quintessential Hill Country beauty. It’s Texas at its finest, and that’s why there’s one thing you must have before arriving at this high-demand swimmer’s oasis – a reservation.

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