A group of trees grow from flat water with a misty blue-yellow tone around

Photo by Erin Newman-Mitchell

With its Spanish moss-draped cypress trees and wide array of wildlife, Caddo Lake State Park has a mystical quality to it. Add fog to the mix, and it’s almost otherworldly. “It’s truly unlike anywhere else in Texas,” says Austin-based photographer Erin Newman-Mitchell, who took this fog-laden shot in March 2021. “This particular morning had begun enveloped in a dense fog, dissipating as the sun rose to reveal the many silhouettes of cypress trees. The weather conditions were like none I’d experienced before; so serene and beautiful.” To explore the park’s swampy mix of bayous, lakes, ponds, and sloughs—and stay safe from the alligators—it’s best to hire a professional, such as Ron Hollomon, a retired firefighter from Longview who owns Captain Ron Swamp Tours. Tickets are $30 for adults and $20 for kids, 3-15.

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