FC TXHWYS JUL15Texas Highways magazine won 21 awards, including Magazine of the Year, at the annual International Regional Magazine Association’s conference this week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The awards recognize excellence in general-interest, regional publishing. Each year, magazines from across the United States and Canada compete in 28 categories.

Along with Magazine of the Year, Texas Highways staff took top honors for its companion website, illustration, photo series, department and for the Texas State Travel Guide.  

In all, Texas Highways earned five gold, four silver, six bronze and five Awards of Merit awards.

The winnings:


Texas Highways staff: Jill Lawless, Joan Henderson, Mark Mahorsky, Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce, Brandon Jakobeit, Jane Wu, Kirsti Harms, Lois Rodriguez, Cindy Newsom, Julie Stratton, Matt Wetzler, Erin Inks, Will van Overbeek, Kevin Stillman, Michael Amador, Katy Venable, Andrea Lin, Raquel Sanchez, Debbie Follien, LaKena Cooks, Ana Alvarez and Oz Lopez.  2015.


Photo Series: Winter Whitescapes from the West by E. Dan Klepper, December 2015

Illustration: Escape the Heat & Love the Nightlife by Matthew Baldwin, MOLO, Scott Wetterschneider and Shinbone Creative, August 2015.

Department: Drive by Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce, Mark Mahorsky, Brandon Jakobeit, Jill Lawless, 2015.

Annual Publication: Texas Highways State Travel Guide, 2015

Companion Website: www.texashighways.com, Lois Rodriguez, Matt Wetzler, Matt Joyce, Mark Mahorsky, Erin Inks, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, Lori Moffatt, Jill Lawless, Katy Venable, Andrea Lin, 2015.



(Photo by Will van Overbeek)

Historic Feature: Dallas Bar-B-Que Renaissance by James L. Haley, March 2015

Magazine Photographer of the Year: E. Dan Klepper, 2015

Cover: Lakes, July 2015. Mark Mahorsky, Joan Henderson, Brandon Jakobeit, Jill Lawless, Jane Wu, Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce, Matt Wetzler, Dave Shafer

Overall Art Direction: Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit and Kirsti Harms, 2015


Head and Deck: Silo House Rules – Casual and Classy at the Chicken Farm by Jane Wu, 2015

Magazine Writer of the Year (30,000 or more APR): Matt Joyce, 2015

Portrait Photo: Trooper James Shotwell, 9th and 10th Horse Cavalry Association, Buffalo Soldiers by James Fraher, February 2015.

Graphic: The Dallas Bar-B-Que Renaissance, Mark Mahorsky, April 2015.

Art Direction: Lakes, Sweet Lakes, Mark Mahorsky, Jane Wu, Brandon Jakobeit, July 2015.

Special Focus: Comfort Food by Mark Mahorsky, Jill Lawless, Lori Moffatt, Matt Joyce, Lois Rodriguez, Brandon Jakobeit, Jane Wu, Julie Stratton, Cindy Newsom, June Naylor, Robb Walsh, Will van Overbeek, Kevin Stillman, Michael Amador, November 2015.


Travel: The Lure of the Llano by E. Dan Klepper, April 2015

wrlReader Service Article: Lakes, Sweet Lakes by Dan Oko, July 2015.

Single Photo: Scenic Route: Bluebonnets at Night, Turkey Bend by Rob Greebon, April 2015

Portrait Series: Extraordinary Texans, Will van Overbeek, September 2015.

Food Feature: The Dallas Bar-B-Que Renaissance by John Lumpkin, April 2015.

From the October 2016 issue
The June 2024 cover of Texas Highways: Treasures from the Coast

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