38-39 mustang island v3We asked readers what they loved about Texas, but truly, what’s not to love?

Here is what a few of our readers said:

See what famous Texans love about Texas.

Lola Tarver of Pflugerville is the winner of tickets to the Big Bend Brewing Company Valentine’s Day in Valentine, plus a free brewery tour.  She writes: “I love the mountains, the plateaus, the hill country, the bluebonnets, the patriotism, the beer, the crazy weather, the beaches, the people, the southern hospitality, the beer, the woods in East Texas, the Longhorns, and everything else in the GREATEST STATE!

The history – it’s amazing to read about the different settlers in each region and how they assimilated with the natives in the area, and also how they endured hardships. We all come from a long line of hard workers!Heidi Lehnig, San Antonio

What is not to love about Texas. Was born and raised here. Love the weather (20 degrees or 115). Love the landscape, love the people. We have the best of everything that makes up the rest of the US. – Sharon Carlson, Garland

Everything! If you want hills, go to the Davis mountains. If you want desert, go to West Texas. If you want beach, go anywhere on the Gulf coast. If you want prairie, go to Amarillo. If you want liberal, go to Austin, and if you want conservative, go to DFW.George Dickson, Arlington

I love how friendly people are in Texas. I love the blue skies. I love that it can be freezing temperatures one day, two days later it’s warm enough to wear shorts. I love how patriotic people are in Texas. I love the Dallas Cowboys.Alexandra Denton, Wichita Falls

I love how Texas has beaches and deserts, rural and urban areas. It remembers the Alamo, but sets precedent on the future. Mostly I love its people who love Texas just as much as I do.Danielle Gonzalez, Rockport

The wide open spaces, the diversity in cultures that abide in each direction one might venture to, the mountains and the beaches … this state has it all.Stephanie Boxwell, Elgin

Lakes, the valley and the dessert all go great with Texas food and beer! – Lindsay Platt, Belton

I love the possibility. The knowing that Big Bend waits me as a wilderness treat rivaling Alaska it its unknowingness. That the food will always intrigue and enrich. People will engage, delight, puzzle and amuse.Geraldine Fultz, Fort Lauderdale

How it is a country in itself because of all the diversity. You can travel to Austin to keep it weird, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley to experience the Hispanic culture, and various towns in the Hill Country to experience the German culture.Daniel Valdez, Houston

I love Texas highways! Especially west Texas highways. Driving through the mountains or the plains, thinking of all the travelers before. What a great way to feel a part of something while still being alone.Feliz Abalos, Odessa

The skies at night!Pamela Hunter, Era

Texas, the Lone Star State, is friendly and inviting. We like the wide-open spaces, the cities, and the climate. It’s great to be able to drive across the state and see the incredible beauty. There’s opportunity for success of its people.Mazie & Paul, Alpine

I love that it’s just gorgeous wherever you go. We live in a beautiful state. Mountains, the coast, hill country, incredible lakes and rivers. I could spend all of my vacations in Texas for the rest of my life and be perfectly happyBrooke Durand

It’s our home, our pride and joy!Cynthia Villegas, Katy

I love that Texas has so many beautiful places for road tripping on a budget and family friendly.Griselda Barbosa, San Antonio

I love that you can stand in the middle of anywhere and see the sky 360 from top to bottom. The people are always willing to lend a hand. You never see a broken down car without someone stopping to see if you need help!Lisa Nunes, Denton

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