Lisa Copeland cooks in the kitchen

We didn’t have enough space to include this photograph of Lisa Copeland in the kitchen of Marta’s Austin Street Cafe (432/729-4653). We chose an image of the Food Shark instead (see page 31). Did we make the right decision? Photo by Jeanne Hilary

There’s always more to the story. Consider outtakes: All of the photographs (and text) that we want to publish but can’t fit into each issue of the magazine.  Because we work with talented photographers and writers who come up with great material, we have to make difficult choices. In some cases, the images and words we don’t include in the magazine seem as important as the material we select. Essentially, there’s always more to the story than what you see in the magazine.

For our feature on Marfa, photographer Jeanne Hilary delivered the warm and inviting image above. This homey kitchen is the sort of place we’d all like to visit and where we’d like to eat. But writer Barbara Rodriguez had really enjoyed the Food Shark when she and her son visited Marfa—so naturally, she included it.

And that’s just one of the photographs for one of the features. The same thing happens with almost every article. What can we do besides celebrate all the great work? One solution: We can include more material on the redesigned Texas Highways Web site ( There, we present outtakes of photographs and Web Extras of more writing. For this issue, we’ll have extra photographs made by new TH Photography Editor Griff Smith as he documented the state’s best cowboy hatters. And don’t overlook outtakes from January’s Texas museum masterpieces feature. After all, you should get the whole story.

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