Monahans 917

(Photo by Andrew R. Slaton)

Monahans Sandhills

“This place is one of the most unassuming treasures in our fair state—a microcosm of nature smack dab in the middle of classic Texas oil country. I’ve never seen such consistently awe-inspiring sunsets anywhere like I’ve seen over the dunes at Monahans Sandhills.” – Andrew R. Slaton

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Secrets of the Sands: Exploring Monahans and the Sandhills State Park   – The first time I saw the Monahans sandhills, I thought I had been taken in by a mirage. What else would explain the presence of beautiful rolling dunes out here in the middle of West Texas, with no ocean within 500 miles?

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(Photo by Andrew R. Slaton)

Monahans SP09

(Photo by Kevin Stillman)

Daytripper: Monahans – There are times when the highways of West Texas seem to go on forever. Small towns and rest stops flash by with seemingly little to differentiate one from another. However, each highway exit offers a call to discover something distinctive, which is exactly what happened when I pulled off into the desert oasis of Monahans.

Known for its sand hills, this West Texas town offfers desert surprises. (Photo by J. Griffis Smith)

Shifting Sands of Monahans – When a friend told me that the largest oak forest in North America covers some 40,000 acres near Monahans, it sounded like a setup. Yeah, right.

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