IRMACON Resources Page

Thank you so much for attending our session at IRMACON2020! Below are links to the projects and ideas we talked about during the session. You can also download a copy of our presentation.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about these ideas, please reach out to Natalie Moore or Tyson Bird. Our emails are our first name dot last name at


The branding for Petal Pusher

Email as a Series: Petal Pusher

Petal Pusher began March 14 and was available as an 8-email series exclusively for those who signed up.

You can see each of the emails below:


Lady Bird Johnson


Field Guide

Wildflower Regions

Wildflower Drives

Growing Wildflowers

Art, Recipes and More


Texas Highways Camping Guide

We launched an interactive map and collection of stories related to camping in Texas, after seeing the huge increase in popularity of camping due to COVID-19. Check out the camping guide here.


Essential Texas Recipes

Coming in mid-November, a curated guide to essential Texas recipes with an email capture built-in.


Thanks again for attending our session!

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