Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the magazine to say that I've moved?
You can access your account online, or call toll-free, 800-839-4997.
I've received another renewal notice even though I've paid. Why?
If you’ve sent in your renewal payment within the last few weeks, it is possible that your payment and another renewal notice crossed in the mail. If you receive another notice beyond that, you should contact us toll-free, 800/839-4997, or 903/636-1123 from outside the U.S.
How are my gift subscription recipients notified?
Texas Highways sends a gift card directly to your recipients notifying them that a subscription in their name has been purchased or renewed by you. Each issue will also include that information on the protective wrap.
How do I have my name removed from mailing list sales?

The passage of SB 15 in the 87th Texas legislative session banned the sale of personal information from state agencies. In response, Texas Highways pulled our subscriber list from the rental market on June 1, 2021.

What if the magazine issue is damaged or never arrives?
Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We’ll gladly replace any issues damaged in the mail or not received. Email us to replace an issue.
How do I return a product for a refund or replacement?
Return the product by mail to:
Texas Highways
111 Corporate Drive
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Please include a note about what action you want taken.

How do I submit a story idea or photo for consideration?

Texas Highways provides a detailed Freelancer’s Guide for those interested in submitting story ideas or photography for publication.

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