Two people sit in a field of bluebonnets in front of horses

Photo courtesy Texas Department of Transportation

This photo from the Texas Highways archives shows a handsome couple—and their handlers—frolicking in a bumper crop of bluebonnets at Fort Parker State Park. Located in Limestone County, east of Waco, the park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1935 to 1942 and is steeped in Texas history. Texas Highways covered the park for its May 1957 issue, which is likely why this photo was taken. The fellow wearing a grin and a pressed Stetson is Jack Forrest, from just down the road in Mexia. His gaze falls on Mary Ann Osburn, from nearby Dawson, who looks past the flowers to the horizon. Forrest has a fistful of reins—he’s holding his horses—but they’ll saddle up and ride again once the perfect pose is struck. The park is still open today, offering hiking and biking trails, two lakes stocked with blue catfish, kayaking, and air-conditioned cabins for even the most fairweather camper.

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