What’s Your Sign?

By Dina Gachman | Illustrations by Jordan Kay

Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur, and Leo by a lion, but there are Texas wildflower equivalents if you just follow the respective personality traits of the zodiac. Here we pair your astrological sign with its spiritual equal blooming across the state.

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An illustration of a white flower and aries zodiac sign


March 21-April 19

This fire sign is bold, rebellious, and—at times—aggressive. The hearty white prickly poppy, with its nettle-esque leaves, is so tough that even hungry cattle will leave it alone in a drought.

An illustration of a purple flower and aries zodiac sign


April 20-May 20

The bull rules over this fixed earth sign at a slow and steady pace. Tauruses are dependable, resilient, stubborn, and they thrive in bucolic environments. Enter the prairie verbena, one of the state’s most abundant wildflowers, which covers diverse terrain. You can count on the purple and lavender blooms to pop up throughout the year.

An illustration of a pink flower and gemini zodiac sign


May 21-June 21

Symbolized by twins, Geminis are versatile multitaskers who hate being restricted. Pink evening primrose drop seeds and take over wherever they land. Vigorous spreaders, the flowers are hard to tame—just like their astrological counterpart.

An illustration of a pink and white flower and cancer zodiac sign


June 22-July 22

It only makes sense that a rain lily would be Cancer’s perennial of choice. It’s a water sign that’s delicate, loyal, and tends to retreat when scared. Rain lilies bloom for just a few days after heavy downpours, their delicate white petals opening at dusk and fully flowering in the morning.

An illustration of a yellow flower and leo zodiac sign


July 23-August 22

Yes, we associate Leo with the lion, but the common sunflower has that fiery magnetism and showiness that Leos are famous for. They grow up to 10 feet tall and are fearless when it comes to Texas’ summer heat.

An illustration of a purple flower and virgo zodiac sign


August 23-September 22

This mutable earth sign is obsessed with perfection—an obvious match with our state flower. Virgo is also all about wellness and routine, and Texans are extremely serious about getting their annual bluebonnet photos, right?

An illustration of a purple flower and libra zodiac sign


September 23-October 23

Libras strive to be a source of joy and harmony, analogous to the showy purple false foxglove, whose roots can penetrate the tissues of other plants. This allows them to take nutrients from a neighbor, balancing the scales when it comes to survival.

An illustration of red flowers and scorpio zodiac sign


October 24-November 21

Mysterious, elusive, stable, and complex: Scorpio and Drummond phlox both fit that bill. Botanist Thomas Drummond sent seeds to England after visiting the state in 1835, making this Texas annual—which grows in sporadic clumps of pink, white, or red—a prized possession in Europe.

An illustration of a red and orange flower and sagittarius zodiac sign


November 22-December 21

A thrill-seeking fire sign that tends toward the adventurous, Sagittariuses sync with the bold, fiery yellow and red Indian blanket (aka firewheel). Seeing as how these native flowers are some of the first to burst forth each spring, they signify that optimistic spirit.

An illustration of a yellow flower and capricorn zodiac sign


December 22-January 19

The legendary sea goat tends to be ambitious, determined, and thick-skinned. One of the only native flowers you might see in frigid winter weather is the equally tenacious, daisy-like plateau goldeneye, which thrives in tough, dry areas.

An illustration of small pink flowers and Aquarius zodiac sign


January 20-February 18

The swamp milkweed is one of the few native wildflowers that thrives in muddy areas and wet clay soils. Basically, they don’t mind getting a little weird. That’s just like Aquarius folks who want to make the world a better place, even if it means bucking the status quo.

An illustration of a pink flower and Pisces zodiac sign


February 19-March 20

A dreamer associated with water, this mutable sign is delicate yet resilient, similar to the winecup, or purple poppy mallow. This seemingly simple perennial has a deep purple bloom that looks like a little glass of red wine. Look for them year-round.

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