teacakestotamalesIn the November issue of Texas Highways, we highlight the latest cookbook by our former colleague Nola McKey, From Tea Cakes to Tamales: Third-Generation Texas Recipes. In writing the book, one of Nola’s goals was to encourage families to preserve their heirloom recipes.

Here are some questions to ask the cook:

How did this recipe come to you?

Do you know when, where, or how it originated?

Do you think it represents any specific ethnic group? Why do you think so?

How long have you been making it? How often do you make it? Does anyone else in the family make it?

Do you make it for special occasions? Is it a favorite of anyone in the family?

Have you made any changes in the recipe since it was handed down to you or since you began making it?

Do you have any tips for making it that are not in the recipe?

Are there any interesting family stories that relate to the recipe?

From the November 2016 issue

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