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Among the great culinary traditions of Texas is the Mexican tamale. This savory staple of meat and vegetable fillings steamed inside thick ground-corn dough, called masa, has become a showcase for professional chefs and home cooks alike.


It’s A Wrap

The Texas Tamale Company’s roots go back to the 1980s, when the original owner sold tamales from a pushcart on the streets of Houston. Today, the company sells more than 3 million tamales every year.

The Mexican Deli is at 3340 Fountainview Dr. in Houston. For information about ordering tamales and other products, see

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For tamales straight out of the steamer, visit The Mexican Deli, Texas Tamale Company’s retail location and restaurant on Houston’s west side. Using the original lard-free and gluten-free masa recipe, the pork, beef, chicken, black bean, and spinach-and-cheese varieties are well-seasoned, finely textured, and incredibly addictive.

The small restaurant features a few tables for dining and does a brisk take-away business, but the majority of these signature tamales are frozen to be sold in grocery stores and specialty foods shops. Through its website, the Texas Tamale Company ships tamales overnight throughout the country.
In fact, it sells just about everything needed to put together a home tamale-making party, including several masa blends, finishing sauces, seasonings, rice, and chile con queso.


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