A person leans on a tree overlooking a river cutting through a hilly green landscape

An overlook above the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park.

In a state as big and as unique as Texas, there’s always more to learn. This year, our readers loved stories about deep-rooted Texans, from historical legends to enduring communities to native species. Whether you’re a newcomer to the state or a native, we look forward to helping you discover even more about our state in 2023, and we appreciate your readership. Here are 2022’s 10 most-viewed stories on texashighways.com.

Karankawa Descendants are Reclaiming Their Heritage After Being Written Off as Extinct

By John Nova Lomax

The indigenous inhabitants of Texas’ Gulf Coast have been called many things, including vicious, bloodthirsty, and extinct—but descendants of the Karankawa are rebuilding their communities and rejecting the myths that were spread about them.

A Panhandle Native Returns Home to Investigate a Family Legend

By Lauren Hough

On a trip to Shamrock, a history buff inspects the truth of her grandfather’s tall tales and discovers a way to honor his memory.

Ancient Mosasaur Discovery Has Us Wondering Where Texas Ranks for Fossils

By Asher Elbein

Fossil discoveries are always exciting, but in Texas, they’re not as uncommon as you may expect. Experts from the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and the University of Texas explain the paleontological paradise right under our feet.

Written 185 Years Ago, Alamo Commander William B. Travis’ Famous ‘Victory or Death’ Letter Still Resonates

By John Nova Lomax

As the tale of the Alamo continues to capture the imaginations of Texans almost 200 years later, military historian Stephen L. Hardin dissects Texas’ most famous historical document.

Generations of Texas Have Flocked to Concan for the Frio River and Neal’s Dining Room

By Heather Brand

Carrying on the family tradition, Chase Roosa welcomes visitors out of the Frio River and into the restaurant that his great-grandparents opened nearly a century ago.

A Long Goodbye to Texas

By Elizabeth Bruenig

A Texas native reflects on her complicated feelings about her homeland years after leaving for the East Coast.

15 Small Town Mom and Pop Shops Worth the Trip

Nothing beats the charm of a mom and pop shop. We compiled a list of 15 one-of-a-kind small town businesses across Texas, plus our must-buy favorites at each shop.

50 Years Ago, Willie Nelson United Cowboys and Hippies at the Armadillo World Headquarters

By Michael Corcoran

Over the course of a three-hour performance, Willie Nelson won the hearts of a disparate audience and changed country music forever with his unique “cosmic cowboy” sound.

Inside the Effort to Save the Beloved Texas Horned Lizard

By Asher Elbein

Once a fixture of the Texas landscape, Texas horned lizards, or “horny toads,” have largely vanished from their habitats. But zoos, state agencies, and private landowners across the state are working hard to ensure the survival of the beloved reptile.

Where Does the Texas Hill Country Actually End?

By John Nova Lomax

The border lines of the Texas Hill Country are hotly contested, but the region isn’t officially designated. Don’t let that stop you from exploring the various arguments for a decisive boundary.


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