What in the World is That?

Roadside oddities guaranteed to make you yell, “Pull over!”

Illustrations by Tom Jellett
Doing a double take at something strange on the side of a remote highway is a rite of passage for any road-tripping Texan. Maybe it’s a geyser that shoots water 100 feet in the air or a 10-foot-tall killer bee with a menacing look in its eye. Our state is full of novelties, and many of these landmarks have a peculiar story of how they came to be on that particular bend of the road—and we’re on a quest to tell them all.

Is there a roadside oddity you want to know more about? Tell us what you think we should investigate next.

An illustration of large Easter Island heads on green grass
An illustration of a young boy with bright orange hair next to a large dinosaur sculpture
An illustration of a large longhorn skull on a brick wall
An illustration of a giant killer bee looking down on a man and child
An illustration of a tall green oil gusher spewing oil
An illustration of a large tan house in the shape of a boot
An illustration of a large rust-colored gorilla climbing a metal object
An illustration of a group of young people looking at a gray stone sculpture of a dog
An illustration of rust-colored buffalo in front of a blue background

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